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Attorney-Client Relationships: Built on Trust

Dividing Community Property the Hard Way

Failure to Disclose Lottery Winnings is a Lesson for All Divorcing Couples

Highlights on Family Law

Keeping Hold of the Big Ticket

Marriage of Brown and Yana

Non Custodial Parents Should Embrace Texting – Text Your Teen

Pet Custody Disputes in Divorce

Prenuptial Agreements

Protecting Yourself

The Common and Not-so-Common

The Wisdom of Yogi Berra as Applied to Divorce

Two Legal Hurdles

Vocational Evalutions May Reduce Your Spousal Support Payments

Mediation Articles

Divorce Mediation May Work For You and Your Spouse

Mediation Allows You to Keep Your Dignity

Mediation Can Help You Avoid Financial Disaster In Divorce

The Advantages of Mediation are More Than a Good Meal

The Truth Behind Mediators

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